The Cardsharp4- smart knife

The Cardsharp4 is a nifty, little pocket knife that folds as flat as a card. It is less weighty & bulky in your pocket than other foldable knives, but promises cutting power like a scalpel. Now it’s received a full metal jacket.

The Cardsharp4 makes use of a 2 mm-thick aluminum casing, which adds robustness & strength. The updated knife also has a two-stage Zytel locking mechanism to prevent unnecessary opening. The new design adds a little weight compared to past models, but at 24g, it won’t exactly be cumbersome.

As was true with the Cardsharp2, the 65 mm stainless steel blade is ready to slice & dice with just three folds. The blade technology makes it sharp enough for all kinds of tasks, including food preparation & cutting through automobile seat belts in an emergency.

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