The new Macan SUV from Porsche

The idea of Porsche making a compact SUV seems like Heston Blumenthal opening a rib joint. Notwithstanding, auto giant Porsche’s recipe for mixing a sports car with a small 4×4 were revealed on Tuesday when the company disclose the new Macan SUV line at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Macan, is an Indonesian word used for tiger, is not the first SUV that Porsche has made, but it is the first compact model & it does look as if the automaker has grabbed an Indonesian tiger by the tail.

Beginning next spring Porsche that’s now part of the Volkswagen Group will begin selling the Macan compact SUV starting at USD50,895 including shipping for the 340-horsepower S & USD73,295 for the 400-horsepower Turbo.

The concept involves a good combination of a practical five-door, five-seat SUV with the power, performance & design elements of a Porsche sports car to make it immediately recognizable as part of the Porsche stable.

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