FC Deco Deck mini-truck

FC Deco Deck mini-truck from Daihatsu

Japan’s oldest automaker, Daihatsu, unveiled its FC ShoCase vehicle a couple of years ago. Along with being funny-looking, FC was powered by a prototype fuel cell that was said to overcome some of the key limitations of traditional hydrogen fuel cells. This year in Tokyo Motor Show, a new FC concept has been presented – the FC Deco Deck mini-truck.

In a conventional fuel cell, platinum is used as the electrode catalyst, as its excellent corrosion-resistance protects it from being eaten away by the cell’s acidic polymer electrolyte membrane. Daihatsu’s cell, on the other hand, utilizes a much more innocuous alkaline anion exchange membrane. Therefore, the expensive platinum is not required for the electrode catalyst, which can be replaced by cheaper metals such as nickel or cobalt.

Along with utilizing an anion exchange fuel cell as its own source of power, the FC Deco Deck mini-truck also features one in its compact, low-cost generator to allow the vehicle to supply power in emergencies.

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