Microsoft’s Xbox One– a game console with much bigger aspirations has revealed. Hordes of Xbox One fans braved the cold & queued up outside a pop-up GAME store in London, to be one of the first to get their hands on the new console.

Featuring a 1.75GHz 8-core processor, 8GB of RAM & a GPU capable of generating 1.32 teraflops of processing power, the company claims that owning an Xbox One is like having a supercomputer in your living room. The console uses voice commands & motion sensing to recognise users & let them shift between games, live TV & Skype through an improved Kinect device.


What do you wear on your wrist, is one-third the size of a deck of cards & helps you troubleshoot your ongoing electronics project? Of course, it is the Oscilloscope Watch. The Swiss army knife of electronics, this tiny test lab includes a two-channel oscilloscope, frequency-analyzer, arbitrary function generator & a protocol sniffer. And the price? An amazing USD125. Oh yes! It also tells time.

The Oscilloscope Watch is about the size of a number of sports watches measures 5 x 4 x 1.5 cm & weighs in at a massive 1 3/4 oz. The battery is a 3.7 Volt 400 mA lithium-ion cell, which can power the oscilloscope & related features for a solid 12 hours. The Oscilloscope Watch will function as a watch alone for 30 days, as the analog circuitry is shut down when in watch mode.


Projector alarm clocks have been around for years, however have a quick browse around the net & it is hard to find one that does not look like a cheap bit of novelty tat. The Braun BNC015-RC projector clock though is plain & stylish in an understated way, in addition with global radio control you will never need to set the time again. All this comes at a cost though, as at USD65, it is fairly expensive for an alarm clock.

The device projects the time on your wall or ceiling in pleasingly retro LCD numerals; the time was around 40 cm across on our ceiling. There are 3 brightness settings & at its brightest you will be able to read the time no problems, unless you have the lights on. There’s another button in the clock that rotates the time right angle at a time, so you can have the clock facing the bed & still read the time easily projected over your head.

The Braun BNC015-RC projector clock is expensive but beautifully designed & well made, while still remaining utterly practical.


Nikon has revealed its latest full-frame super camera, the Nikon Df. The new DSLR boasts the same 16.2 megapixel FX sensor as the flagship D4, but in a much smaller & retro-styled body.

Aimed squarely at photography enthusiasts & purists, it has been designed to pay homage to the Nikon F, F3 & FM/FE series of 35mm film cameras & features mechanical control dials galore.

While we have seen plenty of retro-inspired cameras in the market, including the Fujifilm X100S, the Panasonic GX7 & the Olympus PEN E-P5, these have all been either fixed-lens or mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras. The Nikon Df is the first retro DSLR & as such was never going to be as small as the mirror-less Sony Alpha 7s, though it is the smallest ever FX DSLR.


As they promised, BXR Motors has revealed the Bailey Blade XTR– the American supercar. BXR debuted it at last week’s SEMA Show 2013.

The Bailey Blade XTR features performance & luxury, blending the best features from top-of-the-line vehicles, classic & current. It has 750 hp & twin-turbos under the hood making this speed demon go from zero to sixty in just 3.2 seconds.

The big news out of SEMA show is the reveal of the interior, a comfortable combination of double stitch leather & synthetic Ultraleather. The center stack is conquered by an oversized 13-inch touchscreen that keeps the driver connected to navigation, air conditioning, entertainment & engine management.


The good thing about cutting-edge products that get delayed is that the new product then gets to come out with even better functionality than we would expected. Such is the case with the X3 HiFi Digital Music Player.

The X3 HiFi Digital Music Player that lets you hear your music how it was meant to be heard. To get high-quality, lossless playback from a digital audio player, there’s no way to get X3 HiFi Digital Music Player. It has Auto sleep function, Selectable gapless playback & different play mode. The device runs on 3000mAh 3.7V rechargeable lithium ion battery.


The SilverStone Argon AR03 is a universal cooling kit especially designed for Intel LGA775, 1155, 1156, 1366 & 2011 motherboards & AMD Socket AM2, AM3, FM1 & FM2 motherboards. The Argon ARO3’s comprised of a large heatsink & a single 120 mm fan.

The heatsink in Argon AR03 is 159 mm tall & uses 6 copper pipes to transfer heat to aluminium fins. As it is a universal kit, it can be a little confusing to install initially & it would be helpful if the paper instructions had larger diagrams.

Whether you are a gamer, an overclocking enthusiast or you need more adequate cooling, the SilverStone Argon AR03 is a good choice. It is pretty easy to install, dismantle & re-use. If you are in the market for a new cooler, the Argon AR03 is a good buy.


This week at the International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan, Caterham announced that it will be expanding its product offerings from 4 wheeled machinery to that of the 2 wheeled variety. Starting in 2014 Caterham Bikes will launch three new products: the the Classic E-Bike, Brutus 750 & the Carbon E-Bike.

Caterham’s Classic e-bike draws design inspiration from the track-board racers of the 1920s. The Classic e-bike is powered by a 36 Volt, 250 Watt, brushless motor mounted in the center with a torque sensor to manage power.

A Panasonic 36 Volt, 12 Ah lithium battery provides the juice & Caterham has designed the bike so an optional second battery pack can be added if desired. The fake cylinder heads are a nice design touch in hiding the electric motor.


Revealed in Frankfurt Motor Show, the Mercedes S-Class Coupe Concept firmly outlines the company’s vision. It is a design-oriented sibling to the automaker’s recently-released 2014 S-Class sedan. 

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe has a lower greenhouse with a tall beltline with more flared wheel arches. The Coupe rides on 21-inch wheels with staggered tires, a look that probably will not make production. Uniquely, Mercedes moved its rear license plate to the car’s bumper rather than integrating it into its trunk lid. 

There is a full glass roof in the Mercedes S-Class Coupe to ensure that plenty of sunlight sparkles off the waves of white & aluminum in the cabin. At nearly 200-inches from head to toe, the coupe is definitely a big two door, however, that fits with Mercedes’ intentions.


There are certainly a large number of compact, portable Bluetooth speakers out there, although many of them do not feature the satisfying bass response of larger models. Considering the scenario, the Volcano Bluetooth Speaker comes in. Its top speaker can be toted around & used on its own, or simply plugged into the sub-woofer base unit to deliver the full music experience.

The conical shaped 3-watt top speaker is powered by an integrated 450-mAh rechargeable battery & connected with pretty much any Bluetooth enabled portable device, mobile phone or computer. It can also be operated using physical control buttons on the speaker itself. The Volcano Bluetooth Speaker’s sound is claimed to be decent, even when used by itself.