We are pretty interested in how GOW Smart Shirt works. The fact is that you wear this garment & through the power of technology it helps you fully monitor everything about your work out. Let’s get a bit more specific.

GOW Smart Shirt is a Combination of sensors, heart-rate monitor & app brings more to your workouts. It is compatible with iPad Mini, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5/5c/5s, iPad 3+ (inc. Air), Samsung Galaxy S4 & more. The sensor is able to monitor your heart rate, however, when you pair it with GOW’s exclusive app through Bluetooth, the possibilities become pretty amazing.

First, you can chose between four different modes denoting if you are on a bike, running, or working out at the gym. From there it is all about the data-mining. Measure your energy consumed, distance traveled, track your runs & rides, keep a complete history & many more.


Six years & eight months after the PS3 European launch & with 80 million consoles sold worldwide in the interim, Sony’s new PlayStation is finally here.

Sony Corp. has positioned the angular new PS4 as a purebred gaming machine, with a powerful hardware specification & no multimedia fripperies to be seen.

Open the box & it’s clear that the vast majority of your £349 has been spent inside the casing. There is no camera peripheral, only the minimum ports on the back & even the power brick has been integrated inside the chassis. The PS4 is an incredibly sleek piece of kit. It is neat, compact & powerful-looking, but can it deliver on Sony’s promises to take gaming to the next generation?


The Cardsharp4 is a nifty, little pocket knife that folds as flat as a card. It is less weighty & bulky in your pocket than other foldable knives, but promises cutting power like a scalpel. Now it’s received a full metal jacket.

The Cardsharp4 makes use of a 2 mm-thick aluminum casing, which adds robustness & strength. The updated knife also has a two-stage Zytel locking mechanism to prevent unnecessary opening. The new design adds a little weight compared to past models, but at 24g, it won’t exactly be cumbersome.

As was true with the Cardsharp2, the 65 mm stainless steel blade is ready to slice & dice with just three folds. The blade technology makes it sharp enough for all kinds of tasks, including food preparation & cutting through automobile seat belts in an emergency.


We are concerned about the dangers surrounding the amount of time we spend in the sun. We rely on exposure to sunlight to provide us with vitamin D, however, a lack of protection from harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer. The UVA+B Sunfriend wristband is designed to let people walk that fine line between too little & too much sun without the use of sunscreen.

The waterproof wristband Sunfriend UV wristband contains patented, NASA-inspired UV sensors with LED indicators that light up as ultraviolet exposure accumulates, before flashing once the safe limit has been reached.

The goal of Sunfriend UV wristband is to counter an increase in vitamin D deficiency, while curbing skin cancer rates by promoting outdoor activity within a recommended range of sun exposure.


LG has introduced the unique design of its original LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth headphones with its latest model, the LG Tone Ultra. This model features an around-the-neck design but adds ambient noise reduction technology to cut down on background noise when taking calls or listening to music.

The two earbuds that dangle from the neckband deliver what the company claims is eyebrow-raising stereo sound. The headset connects via Bluetooth & supports the connection of two devices at once. Buttons for controlling music playback & answering calls are found at the ends of the neckband, which also houses a built in microphone.


Japan’s oldest automaker, Daihatsu, unveiled its FC ShoCase vehicle a couple of years ago. Along with being funny-looking, FC was powered by a prototype fuel cell that was said to overcome some of the key limitations of traditional hydrogen fuel cells. This year in Tokyo Motor Show, a new FC concept has been presented – the FC Deco Deck mini-truck.

In a conventional fuel cell, platinum is used as the electrode catalyst, as its excellent corrosion-resistance protects it from being eaten away by the cell’s acidic polymer electrolyte membrane. Daihatsu’s cell, on the other hand, utilizes a much more innocuous alkaline anion exchange membrane. Therefore, the expensive platinum is not required for the electrode catalyst, which can be replaced by cheaper metals such as nickel or cobalt.

Along with utilizing an anion exchange fuel cell as its own source of power, the FC Deco Deck mini-truck also features one in its compact, low-cost generator to allow the vehicle to supply power in emergencies.


The idea of Porsche making a compact SUV seems like Heston Blumenthal opening a rib joint. Notwithstanding, auto giant Porsche’s recipe for mixing a sports car with a small 4×4 were revealed on Tuesday when the company disclose the new Macan SUV line at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Macan, is an Indonesian word used for tiger, is not the first SUV that Porsche has made, but it is the first compact model & it does look as if the automaker has grabbed an Indonesian tiger by the tail.

Beginning next spring Porsche that’s now part of the Volkswagen Group will begin selling the Macan compact SUV starting at USD50,895 including shipping for the 340-horsepower S & USD73,295 for the 400-horsepower Turbo.

The concept involves a good combination of a practical five-door, five-seat SUV with the power, performance & design elements of a Porsche sports car to make it immediately recognizable as part of the Porsche stable.


People never intentionally throw their new iPad Air down a stairwell, however, it’s comforting to know that if they wanted to, there is a case that could protect the tab from damage. NewerTech’s NuGuard KX case for the iPad Air is going to keep your device pretty well protected in case of an accidental drop.

The NuGuard KX protecting case uses a tough outer shell with a soft gel material inside, providing your iPad Air not only helmet-like protection against drops & hits, but absorbing & distributing the shock so that it’s not damaged.

While it’s rather plain, NuGuard KX sleeve provides an impressive amount of protection to your iPad Air. The X-Orbing gel material inside does a very good job of absorbing everyday drops & bumps, keeping your iPad Air in one piece.


You can throw your earbuds into your bag and go. But when you get to the point where you need to use them, you have got to spend an extra minute freeing them from other objects & untangling them.

Not anymore. With the Wrapster Cord Organizer & Smartphone Stand, you thread your earbud cords through the two side tubes & wrap the rest of the cord around the center to hold them securely for compact storage & easy removal when you are ready to rock out again. Keep the cords in the side tubes & wear it lanyard style for quicker deployment to your next adventure.

If you are not using the Wrapster for your earbuds, it makes a great stand for your iPhone in landscape mode. Wrapster Cord Organizer & Smartphone Stand is Compact & stylish earbud cord organizer.


Apple has established iOS as a major gaming platform. Games are very popular category on the App Store today, with over 175,000 of the 975,000+ apps currently available falling within it. Although games are designed specifically for touchscreen input, but, there are still plenty that are better suited to a conventional controller. That’s where devices such as the new Controller from logitech come out.

Logitech PowerShell Controller is a game controller that encases an iPhone 5, or 5s or fifth-generation iPod touch, providing not only a d-pad, shoulder triggers & face buttons to make iOS gaming even more fun, but also extra battery life through a 1,500 mAh battery pack.